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  • What is your minimum booking time?
    Our minimum booking time is 1 hour.
  • What are your booking hours?
    You can book online at anytime. Our studio is open between 5am to 11pm. 7 days a week. But if you are needing to book outside these hours feel free to email or call the team to arrange. Jana: 0499 472 305
  • What is supplied with a studio booking?
    On the main floor are the below (You do not need to request these when you make a booking) Tiggers Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Strobes 3 x Elinchrom ELC 500 Lighting modifiers 2 x Softbox (2 x 55 x 75cm) 1 x large octabox Stands 1 x Metal C Stand with Bag Wheels 2 x Light Stands Seating options Wooden apple box Adjustable Black Wooden Stool 3 Legged stool White wooden stool Small Mustard Yellow Ottoman White & Brown Ottoman's Small Light Wood Step Ladder 3 Step Black Wooden Step Ladder Foldaway Black Chair Black High Stool Tanned Faux Leather Rocking Chair Black Faux Leather Rocking Chair Barcelona Chair Replica 3 Seater Sofa Large Black & White Foam Board General 2 x Movable Trolly 6FT Garment Rack 3 Step Ladder White 6ft Bi-Fold Trestle Table Stick Vacuum
  • How do we access the studio?
    Our studio is keyless! we use a smart lock with a pin. You can only access the studio via the front door. You will receive your key (pin) access within 48 hours of your booking via email. To access the studio you simply need to cover the keypad on the door with your hand. It will light up. Enter your provied pin then click the tick. It will unlock. To lock it you simply place your hand over the keypad. Please note the key will only operate 5 minutes BEFORE and AFTER you allocated the time frame.
  • Where can we park?
    There is free parking directly out the front of the studio. There is also street parking. Please do NOT park out the back of the studio unless you have pre-approval, this is private property, each bay is assigned to each unit Your vehicle will be locked in behind the gates and/or towed away. If the Parker & Stone team is required to come to open the gates there is a $200 fee.
  • What if something is damaged when we arrive?
    Snap some shots of the space to keep a visual map of where all the treasures live. Don't hesitate to give our lovely team a ring or shoot us a text about any mishaps. By being open about the "oops" moments, your wallet stays safe from damage charges. 😊
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Unfortunately Parker + Stone can not offer any refunds, booking can be either re-booked or you will receive a credit note valid for 3 months. Any changes must be made 48 hours before your booking time otherwise you will incur the full fee of your booking. This must be confirmed via phone call, text or email. Please note we do not check emails or text messages outside of Mon - Fri 0900 - 1700
  • Can we bring our pet's into the studio?
    Of course! We love fur babies! We just ask that you clean up after them & that they don't damage anything within the studio. You will incur any/all costs.
  • How do I set up the backdrop stand?
    The backdrop stand is packed down in a black bag under the base of the stairs near the lounge. Please below how to set up the backdrop stand.
  • How do I use the C-stands as a backdrop stand?
    Check out our Instagram Reel -
  • Can I move the furniture?
    Feel free to play around with the furniture arrangement in the studio, but snap a few pics first so you can recreate our original setup. Watch out for the cleanup fee if things don't match up at the end. Also, remember to lift the furniture instead of dragging it - helping you avoid any damaged fees that may apply.
  • How to use the electric mounted paper backdrop support
    When you arrive at the studio, the paper backdrops that you have booked will be preloaded. Please do not remove or change the backdrops yourself, please contact the Parker + Stone team for assistance. To lower the paper, you will need to use the remote. Please remember to extend the antenna. Each number on the remote will control a roll of paper: • Number 1 is for the top roll to extend the paper down. • Number 2 will raise the paper. • Number 3 is for the middle roll to extend the paper down. • Number 4 will raise the paper. • Number 5 is for the bottom roll to extend the paper. • Number 6 will raise the paper. 0499 472 305
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