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Unlock Your Photography Potential with V Flats: Your Essential Guide at Parker + Stone.

What are V Flats?

V flats are large, freestanding panels that are indispensable in photography studios. They derive their name from their 'V' shape, formed by two foam boards taped together. These tools are incredibly versatile, serving various purposes such as controlling light and even acting as a backdrop for your shoots.

The Power of V Flats and Foam Boards in Photography: An Essential Guide

The Magic of V Flats: Bouncing and Absorbing Light

Bouncing Light

One of the key uses of V flats is their ability to bounce light. When positioned with its white side towards your subject, a V flat can reflect light, softening shadows and resulting in balanced, flattering lighting on your subject.

Absorbing Light

Conversely, the black side of a V flat is excellent for absorbing light, reducing light spill, and creating deeper shadows. This technique is a go-to when aiming for a more dramatic or moody effect in your shots.

Versatile Background

Beyond light manipulation, V flats can also double up as an instant background for your photoshoots. Their large size and flat surface make them an excellent backdrop for a variety of shots.

The Magic of V Flats Bouncing and Absorbing Light

V Flats at Parker + Stone

At Parker + Stone, we're all about providing our clients with the best tools to create their photographic masterpieces. That's why we include two 2400 H x1200mm W foam boards, painted black on one side and white on the other, with all our studio bookings at no extra cost​.

These foam boards function just like V flats and are available for you to use in controlling light and as a backdrop for your shoots. Our studio in Osborne Park is fully equipped to meet your photography needs, and we're always on hand to offer tips and guidance on using our equipment.

Understanding how to use V flats effectively can truly elevate your photography, giving you more control over your lighting and your overall studio experience. We invite you to experience the difference that these tools can make in your next photoshoot.

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