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What are coloured gels used for?

Lighting set-ups with colored gels can create a variety of effects and moods in your photography. Here are a few examples of lighting set-ups with coloured gels:

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Color Correction: If the ambient light in your scene is too warm or too cool, you can use a colour correction gel to balance the colour temperature of your light. For example, an orange gel can be used to warm up a cool white light, or a blue gel can be used to cool down a warm white light.

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Creative Effects: Gels can also be used to create creative effects in your photos. For example, a red gel can create a dramatic and moody effect, while a blue gel can create a cool and calming effect. Experiment with different colours and intensities to achieve the desired effect.

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Rim Lighting: To create a dramatic and edgy look, use gels for rim lights. Place the lights on either side of the model to create a strong backlight. For a more intense look, use a gel that matches the colour of the background.

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Split Lighting: To create split lighting, place a coloured gel on one side of the model's face. This will create a contrast between light and shadow, creating a dramatic effect. Use a gel that matches the color of the background for a more intense look.

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Colour Mixing: To create a unique and unusual effect, try using gels of different colours on different lights. This can create a mix of colours on the subject, giving the photo a surreal and otherworldly feel.

Overall, using coloured gels in your lighting set-up can help you achieve a variety of effects and moods in your photography. Experiment with different colours, intensities, and placements to find the perfect lighting set-up for your subject and scene.

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