Parker + Stone's - Booking Policy.

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KEYS: Within 48 hours of your booking you will receive an email or text message within regards to your access. 

You will not be able to lock the door after this period so we ask that you are out on time to avoid this happening. 


If the studio left unlocked there is a $150 fee

Please help your self to drink or a snack, of course, if it's labelled please don't eat! 


Feel free to use the staircase but please do not use the top level as this our office. 

Backdrops - Please feel free to use our colour backdrops (paper or material) + our stands, they can be found under the staircase but please pack these down at the end of your session. If they are left out there is a $50 fee.

If you feel the back PAPER backdrop is too dirty to work with and you feel needs to be cut and removed PLEASE get in contact with Jana 0438 991 455 before doing so otherwise you will be charged.

In the unlikely event that equipment is damaged and left in a useable state, you will be held accountable for the following costs:

  • Studio left unlocked: $150

  • Paperback drops (ripped/ damaged beyond use): $40

  • Backdrop stand damaged $200

  • Studio lighting (per light): $1000

  • Per plant: $75

  • Chairs/ stool each : $75

  • Lounge: $1000

  • Mirror: $250

  • Clothing or jewellery per item: $75

  • Tripods each: $200

  • Stands each: $200

  • Triggers each: $150

  • Power cords: $75

  • Aircon/heater left on or damaged: $300

Of course, we will assess cases individually and strive to work collaboratively with you throughout any incident.

Unfortunately Parker + Stone can not offer any refunds, booking can be either re-booked or you will receive a credit note valid for 6 months. 

We cannot stress enough how available we are to be contacted whilst you are hiring the studio.


Any issues, however small they are, please let us know as soon as possible so we can prevent damage/ensure your experience is a good one.

Please note you will be under video surveillance at all times. 

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to text, call or email.

Jana: 0438 991 455

Rachael: 0423 632 041