Parker + Stone's - Booking Policy.

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Parker & Stone's - Booking Policy.

**Please note as of the 1st of May 2022 all equipment and backdrops outside of the standard studio hire shall incur a $5.00 fee due to increased product damages.**


 **All backdrops are now required to be booked online as they will no longer be left on the main floor**

There is free parking at the front of the studio, DO NOT park behind the studio as this is private parking and the gates lock automatically and you will not be able to exit the private car park.

Please make sure you lock the door while you are in the studio, we have had people walk in while people are using the space. 

KEYS: You can ONLY ACCESS THE STUDIO VIA THE FRONT DOOR - You will receive your key access within 48 hours of your booking you will receive an email or text message with regards to your accessing the studio.

You will not be able to lock the door after this period so we ask that you are out on time to avoid this happening.

Please do NOT park out the back of the studio unless you have pre-approval, this is private property and your vehicle will be locked behind the gates or towed away. If the Parker & Stone team is required to come to open the gates there is a $200 fee. 

If the studio is left unlocked there is a $200 fee (Please check the front & back door)

The studio must be clean & tidy (how you find it) there is a $75 fee. Please note booking is back to back, the person after you should not have to put things back or clear up after you! 

​Please help yourself to a drink or a snack, of course, if it's labelled please don't eat! Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided. 

Wifi is available, it is the black box locked in the kitchen on the wall, the password is underneath the box.

DO NOT REMOVE THE POWER TO THE INTERNET. This is connected to the door lock.

Feel free to use the staircase but please do not use the top level as this is off-limits.

If you feel the paper backdrop is too dirty to work with PLEASE call Jana 0499 472 305 before doing anything otherwise you will be charged.

In the unlikely event that equipment is damaged and left in a usable state, you will be held accountable for the following costs:

  • Studio left unlocked: $200

  • Paperback drops (ripped/ damaged beyond use): $40 (if the whole roll is damaged the fee is $250)

  • Backdrop stand damaged $200

  • Studio lighting (per light): $1000

  • Per plant: $75

  • Chairs/ stool each : $75

  • Lounge: $1200

  • Mirrors: $250 (each)

  • Large gold mirror $1500

  • Clothing or jewellery per item: $75

  • Tripods each: $200

  • Stands each: $200

  • Triggers each: $150

  • Power cords: $75

Of course, we will assess cases individually and strive to work collaboratively with you throughout any incident.

Unfortunately Parker + Stone can not offer any refunds, booking can be either re-booked or you will receive a credit note valid for 3 months. Any changes must be made 24 hours before your booking otherwise you will incur the full fee of your booking. This must be confirmed via phone call, text or email. Please note we do not check emails or text messages outside of Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.

We cannot stress enough how available we are to be contacted whilst you are hiring the studio.

Any issues, however small they are, please let us know as soon as possible so we can prevent damage/ensure your experience is a good one. Even if you are not sure let us know. We would rather be told 5 times than not at all. 

Please note you will be under 24-hour video surveillance at all times.

​If you have any issues or questions please feel free to text, call or email.

Jana: 0499 472 305

Rachael: 0423 632 041

(Please enjoy our cubed furniture that has been supplied to us by Pern Designs, please note they may share your images on their social media, feel free to tag them)